26 June 2011

Make them believe its real.

Believability. This is the art of presenting something that could potentially exist in the real world, even though its fiction. I'm not talking about realism in here, although it helps. What I'm talking about is making things look, feel and act as you would expect it to, despite the fact it doesnt exist in the real world. This is useful because it helps for a player to grasp ideas more quickly and immerse in game universe much more comfortably, and thus, enjoy the game better and learn it quicker.

Keep your game consistent at all times.

Consistency is vital. Its extremely important. Without it, your game has a large risk of becoming a horrible mess with the effect of the player not trusting the game because he notices that it cheats on him or does something completely illogical or just plain ridiculous that makes him raise his arms and shout "bullshit!".

This eventually makes him stop playing the game altogether because no one likes it when they're being lied to. And this is what consistency is all about: Trust.

25 June 2011

Give your game purpose.

Every object, feature, story and mechanic in a game needs to have a purpose or a reason why it exists. Without a goal, a game will feel empty. Without a purpose, a character or item will be obsolete. Without a meaning, a story will have no impact.

Aim to give every aspect of your game a purpose, goal, meaning or reason.

22 June 2011

So you're making a game. Do you like your game?

You must like your game yourself.

If you don't, you are at great risk in not honestly knowing what you should be focusing on. Often I see developers focusing on earning money from their product and putting their focus on the money rather than on the game they would love to play themselves. They try hard to please people they don't really know about with the intention to get as many people as possible to buy the game and thus, they rip themselves and their game into pieces in attempt to please everyone.

Making a series about game design.

I'll be doing a series of blog posts about "what makes a good game".

It will consist of a couple very important topics about game design that can help you make much better games.

These are the main points that I will cover:
  • Fun (for you)
  • Purpose
  • Consistency
  • Believability
  • Accessibility/Ease of use
  • Longevity (replay value)

17 June 2011

Reactor online. Sensors online. Weapons online. All systems nominal.


This is Reactorcore and I'm a professional gameplay designer.
You may read about me on my website.
On this blog, I'll share my thoughts on gameplay design in video games, games in general and news on any projects I'm working on.

Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay and find something useful or interesting from me.