10 July 2011

News: New series and future posts.

Now that I'm done with the "what makes a good game" series, I'd like to announce a new series of blog posts.

This new series will be called "How to make a game, the direct approach".

This will be a series of blog posts that explain the entire process of creating a video game from start to finish, either alone or in a team, with clear, detailed steps how to make it happen.

I will break down each major aspect and step into its own post, starting from the very beginning of having an idea or concept, to pre-production and pipeline, and finally all the way to the end, where publishing and releasing takes place.

The goal of this series will be to teach any person, regardless of skill and experience, to understand how to make a complete game in a professional way, what kind of workflow is involved, what is required and how to achieve it.

On top of all that, there will also be plenty of other indepth information and tips related to all the phases and aspects that are found in game development. Both technical and social.

In theory, by reading through this series, you should get a clear idea what it takes and what actions does a person have to do to create a game, either as a team or alone.

Aside from that, I'd like to list some of the possible topics I'd like to talk about after this series is over. Heres what I have so far:

  • What is Casual or Hardcore.
  • How complex can a game be?
  • How much to charge for a game?
  • What exactly is fun?
  • Movies, Games and Movie Games.
  • Managing a project.
  • Emergent Gameplay.
  • Don't force the player.
  • Numbers and meta-thinking.
  • Balancing competetive elements.
  • Games and storytelling.
  • Cheats in games.
  • How to deal with hackers and griefers.
  • Economy in Games.
  • Beginning of a game.

Feel free to request or suggest a topic you want me to cover about game development or gameplay. You can put the request in the comments, I check the blog almost daily for any activity.


  1. Sounds like great topics you have in mind already Although please add the art pipeline.

  2. @The Splat: Did you have a specific art you want to know about?

    In the MGDA series I'm currently making, I'm going to be talking about the pipeline for pretty much everything in general, but if you have something specific in mind, let me know.